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We supply a wide range of floor and wall tiles with different technical and aesthetic characteristics, to furnish indoor and outdoor spaces.

Photoluminescent tiles

Photoluminescent tiles absorb light during the day and emit a vibrant glow when in the dark, lasting for up to eight hours. They are sure to lighten up your Swimming pools in the dark.

Sinks & Basins

We have unique Stone and Marble Molded Sinks/Basins for Commercial and Home use.

Marble & Granite

Our Marble Supply comes from Carrara(Italy) in the heart of Apuan Alps. This place is surrounded by the famous Marble quarries of Bianco Carrara, Calacatta, Statuary, Arabescato and other remarkable marbles. We are able to supply you with varieties of natural stone for indoor and outdoor areas.

Bathroom accessories

Decorative LED lights

Detergents for Tile & Marble maintenance

Garden pots & Planters

Guru Limited

Authentic Italian Building Products known for Quality, Aesthetic appeal and durability

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