Special Products

Specialized detergents and technical products for professional and industrial use in construction sites, as well as maintenance of particular surfaces, such as stone, marble, terracotta, stoneware, cement, clinker and parquet.


EFFE 1 is a water-based, water repellent protector with a natural effect, permanent anti-fouling, non-film forming, with high penetrating power, which is used to treat vertical and horizontal surfaces, both indoors and outdoors.
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EFFE 3 is new generation, water-based, restoring protectOR. In fact, it consists of a blend of modified siloxanes, water-repellent compounds and perfluoro acrylic copolymer (C4) with oil repellent performance.
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Water based EFFE 4 is a “natural effect” anti-stain protective for vertical and horizontal surfaces, both outdoors and indoors.
EFFE 4 is a watery emulsion, of nano-technological origin, latest generation perfluoro acrylic (C4) based, with excellent water-oil repellence.

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EFFE 5 CONCENTRATED is a water based, temporary non-stick protector used to isolate floor tiles and coverings from the retention of laying plaster. For floor and coverings in porcelain stoneware see ISOL-PAV.
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POROTEC MUROVIVO is a mineral additive in powder form, to be used for the realisation of anti-condensation dehumidifying breathable plastering, added to traditional yard mortars, cement mortars, gauged mortars (also pre-dosed), it develops a large percentage of macro and micro air bubbles (over 40%), which give the plastering a considerable heat resistance and excellent anti-condensation results.
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ISOL-PAV is a concentrated non-silicone, anti-stain protecting isolator, used to protect surfaces during the process of grouting.

ISOL-PAV forms a protective film that prevents the penetration and adhesion of plaster and discoloration of porcelain stoneware.
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RASKLINKER is a buffering acid detergent used for cleaning surfaces such as: clinker, stoneware, porcelain and single fire ceramic as long as it is acid resistant.

RASKLINKER is ideal for removing cement residues after laying grout, salt and lime deposits on old and new floors. For treatment with water-based products, use WAXOUT FORTE to neutralize acidity during the rinsing process.
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WAXOUT FORTE is a strong dewaxer, used to remove natural and synthetic waxes as well as metallic waxes. It is ideal for eliminating the laying protection ISOL-PAV used during grouting, without damaging the grouting.
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LAVALUCIDA is a rinse aid for all types of floors. It is indispensable for sealing the micro porosity of porcelain stoneware surfaces and facilitates daily cleaning, ideal for the maintenance of all waxed surfaces.

LAVALUCIDA, when applied regularly, prevents the retention of dirt and protects the floor from wear.
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SUPER 1MM PROFFESIONAL, the rapid sanitizing mold killer, rapidly destroys any types of mold, lichen, fungus, moss, bacteria and any other organic substance that can infest floors, walls, fair-face and ceilings made of: terracotta, clinker, stoneware, stone, cement and plaster (both indoors and outdoors)
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